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Thessaloniki is a port city, not always on a tourist map, but once having a population that was 75% Jewish, a must for the Jewish traveller.

We will meet our tour guide at the airport and immediately start  a introductory sightseeing tour of the Upper and Lower Thessaloniki. We will be privy to some amazing panoramic views as we focus on the Byzantine, Jewish and Muslim landmarks of the city. Key points will include:

  • The Galerius Arch and The Rotunda
  • The Citadel
  • Agios Demetrius
  • The White Tower
  • The City Walls
  • Check in to the Mediterranean Palace Hotel*****

Friday and Shabbos

The Salonika Jewish Community was at a time home to more then 50 shuls and was known as the Mother of Israel.


Salonika was once the largest Sephardic Jewish community in Europe! We will both explore the glorious past on Friday and then partake in the miracle of Jewish Eternity with an unforgettable Shabbat with the modern day Jewish Community.

Our guide will take you on an in-depth excursion through the Jewish history of the city. Important sites will include:

  • The two synagogues of the community
  • The important bank buildings
  • The Jewish Museum
  • The Holocaust Memorial where the first important prosecution from the Nazis took place
  • The Markets and place of the Jewish Cemetery
  • Special lecture from Dr. Rena Molho
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Vergina – Veria – Edessa

Vergina is near the ancient first capital of the Kingdom of Macedonia. The monumental palace (11th century B.C.) The tomb of Philip II the father of Alexander the Great is found there.

Veria was the 2nd most important Macedonian city with many richly historica and cultural sites to see around the old Jewish section “barbouta” with its ancient Synagogue and Mikvah.

Edessa is a picturesque waterfall town with Karanos, the largest waterfall in Greece.

Return to Airport in time for outbound flight.


Fascinating Jewish History, Rich Jewish Tradition and Culture, a Shabbos to remember. What’s not to love?

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