A right of passage for all Jewish people, from all backgrounds, of all ages. Journey through 1000 years of Jewish Life in Poland. Follow the tremendous achievements and growth of the rich and diverse communities. See with your own eyes the horrors and almost total destruction of the Holocaust. All with the best tour guides and educators!   

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Jewish Tour Warsaw

Wednesday Warsaw, Thursday Lublin & Belzec 

Introduction to 600 years of Polish Jewry by Plac Grzybowski and the Nozyk Shul (Optional Mincha) Plac Grzybowski is the centerpiece of Warsaw’s current Jewish community. Here, behind the Teatr Żydowski (Jewish Theatre) is the Nożyk Synagogue, the city’s only synagogue to survive WWII.

Okopova Jewish Cemetery with well over 200,000 graves, this is one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in the world and gives a fascinating view of the massively influential and wide ranging nature of Poland’s and especially Warsaw’s Jewish community.

Warsaw Ghetto Tour including the remains of the ghetto walls, the umshlagplatz monument, Mila 18 and the Rappaport memorial, this tour gives life to the horrors of the largest WWII ghetto and the triumph of the famous Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Dinner by “Galil” Restaurant

Depart for Lublin – Overnight Lublin (Ilan****)


Introduction to Lublin Region Jewish Communities by Yeshivat Chachmei Lublin    the jewel of Lublin’s Jewish Community, the most important institution in Poland and the center of Europe’s Yeshiva world, Rabbi Meir Shapiro’s (dynamic leader and member of Polish parliament) educational revolution that continues to shape the Jewish world today.

Majdanek Concentration Camp established on the outskirts of Lublin and used for labour and extermination of prisoners, captured nearly intact by the Soviet Red Army and remains until today the best reserved display of Nazi oppression and cruelty.

Belzec extermination center began operations March, 1942 and ended operations December 1942. It is estimated that about 600,000 Jews were murdered at Belzec  and thousands of Gypsies.

Lezhajsk the gravesite of Reb Elimelech, a spiritual giant, one of the founding figures of the Chassidic movement and a place of mass pilgrimage for groups world-wide.

Lancut home to many fascinating characters including Count Pototcki (Avraham ben Avraham), the Chozeh of Lublin and Naphtali of Ropshitz as well as one of the world’s most spectacular synagogues.

Drive to Rzeszow – Overnight Rzeszow (Grand****)

Friday Tarnow & Krakow , Shabbat Krakow

Tarnow acquaint the group with this unique and affluent Pre-War Jewish community

(nearly 50% of the general population) with a walk through the heart of the old-town including Jew street, Goldhammer street, the market square, the old Bimma and the Jewish cemetery.

Zbilatovska Gura Mass murder site of the Tarnow Jews

Check into hotel, prepare for Shabbat (Galaxy****)


Special Friday Night Program

Service in the magnificent Temple Choral Synagogue

Friday Night Banquet with special Guest, righteous among the Nations, Polish lady who saved a Jewish family in WWII

Walk through the bustling nightlife of the Old Town center from the largest medieval town square in Europe up to the stunning views from the Wawel Castle.



Shacharit with Krakow Jewish Community Shabbat Lunch

Introduction to the heartbeat of the Galicia region Kazimierz walking tour through Krakow’s Jewish quarter including seven remaining synagogues.

Motze Shabbat

Krakow Ghetto Tour continue over the bridge from Kazimerz to the former WWII ghetto where the tragic history of the Krakow Ghetto comes to life by the umshlagplatz monument, traces of the ghetto wall the pharmacy under the eagle, Oscar Schindler’s ‘Emalia’ enamel factory and the former Plaszow concentration camp (all central in the movie Schindler’s List). Unforgettable Havdalla!!


Sunday Auschwitz

Auschwitz the largest of Nazi Germany’s concentration camps and extermination camps, operational during World War II. The tour starts with the Birkenau sub-camp, the killing factory of over a million Jews and continues with the Auschwitz museum and memorial.

Trip closing session and dinner by the Auschwitz Jewish Centre


Depart for airport in time for return flight


There were 3.5 Million Jews living in Poland, often 1/3 or 1/2 of the cities population, 10% of the population of Poland. Follow the long and colourful road of this all-important community from it’s birth to it’s growth and ultimately to it’s untimely destruction.

There is still much to learn and explore, join an expert in the field for an unforgettable journey and an uplifting Shabbat.

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